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What is pain coaching?

Chronic pain coaching is a service designed to support individuals that are confused by, or struggling with ongoing or persistent pain. The initial assessment is similar to that undertaken in traditional physiotherapy, however, greater emphasis is placed upon screening for factors that are known to contribute to ongoing pain states. Chronic pain coaching aims to educate individuals about pain using modern pain science and support individuals to modify the way they think, feel and behave in response to their pain. This usually entails making some lifestyle adjustments in the process.

Who is suitable for chronic pain coaching?

Chronic pain is pain that lasts for longer than 3 months. Chronic pain coaching is suitable for anyone that is struggling with ongoing pain after this 3 month period. Persistent pain might be from a variety of problems including back pain, sciatica (pain down the back or side of the leg coming from the back), osteoarthritis, tendon problems.

What are the aims of chronic pain coaching?

The aims of chronic pain coaching are to minimise the impact of your pain on everyday life. This is brought about through changing how you think, feel and behave in response to your pain and being supported to make appropriate lifestyle. The overall aim is for you to know what to do to independently manage your problem.

Will chronic pain coaching get rid of my pain?

Chronic pain is complex and there are many factors that can contribute and fuel a persistent state of pain – everyone is different. From my experience, most people that attend for chronic pain coaching gain some benefit from completing the program. Others may complete the program and feel better able to move and complete daily tasks and exercise but still have some of their pain. After chronic pain coaching, most people find that they are able to cope with their pain better.

I have had physiotherapy before. Is chronic pain coaching suitable for me?

Chronic pain coaching is different to traditional physiotherapy. In chronic pain coaching, the aim is to empower you to manage your pain better through providing appropriate education, support and lifestyle adjustments. Traditional physiotherapy techniques can be used alongside the pain coaching program but these alone are unlikely to contribute to long term changes in your pain.

I have a history of lower back pain. The pain goes away so technically it is not there for more than 3 months but I keep experiencing flare ups. I feel these flare ups are becoming closer together. Is chronic pain coaching suitable for me?

Chronic pain coaching can look at the reasons why you are experiencing your recurrent flare ups and help you understand and address these. Education linked to modern pain science can help you understand your triggers and what happens during a flare up.

Can I attend physiotherapy alongside chronic pain coaching?

Traditional physiotherapy techniques can be used alongside chronic pain coaching. This can be offered if appropriate following assessment.

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