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We provide a thorough assessment of a range of musculoskeletal problems. Following discussion surrounding the source of your problem(s), we offer a range of traditional physiotherapy treatments including;

– Pilates based rehabilitation.

– Trigger point release

– Spinal peripheral joint mobilisation

– Soft tissue massage and myofascial release

– Exercise therapy

– Postural retraining

Pain Coaching

Following a thorough assessment, we start by educating you about pain and some of the most up to date research that has been completed to help in recovery from your ongoing pain. The aim of this is to support you in approaching how you think, feel and behave whilst having pain differently. This will hopefully enable you to make the appropriate lifestyle adjustments.

Any barriers that might be contributing to your ongoing pain will be highlighted as part of your treatment and you will be supported in tackling these.  Although traditional ‘hands on’ physiotherapy can be used as part of the pain coaching program, long term improvement and change is best achieved when used alongside appropriate lifestyle changes. The aim of pain coaching is to teach you to cope better rather than leading to a reliance on ‘hands on’ treatment.

Emotional Well Being

Reiki – Reiki treatment is available and can help with wellness, emotional well being as well as for pain. An individual can be taught Reiki on themselves if they find this of benefit – I can discuss with you practitioners that will be able to take you through this training.

  • Individuals following an injury who are in pain and wanting to recover.
  • Individuals with persistent pain.
  • Individuals with recurrent flare ups of pain.
  • Individuals wanting to manage their ongoing pain better.

  • You want to understand your pain better.
  • You want to help yourself and know how to get better.
  • You want to become more active but your pain is stopping you.
  • You want to improve your overall wellness.
  • You want to be able to independently manage you own pain and get on with life.

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